About Alexander

Agile enthusiast, author, public speaker, developer, scrum master, facilitator, and professional coach.

At heart, Alexander Tarlinder is a developer, who’s passionate about craftsmanship, quality, testing, and an agile way of working. After two decades in the industry, he has shouldered roles such as developer, architect, project manager, Scrum Master, QA, agile coach, and CTO. Having been involved in all aspects of software development, he remains attached to the act of producing high-quality software.

Throughout the years, Alexander has delivered talks in several conferences and user group meetings, often in the area of software quality.

Currently Doing

Cisco CCNA (200-301): Because I work as a network developer at the moment and because I have a special place for networking in my heart. Estimated time of completion: fall of 2020.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology: Because I intend to keep working as a manager or team leader. Having a solid foundation helps when dealing with silver bullet anecdotal pseudo-scientific theories, which I have encountered a fair number of by now. Estimated time of completion: fall of 2021.

Learning Python: Learning and learning… I’ve been writing production code in Python for a few months now. Still, there’s plenty of room for improvement. Estimated time: how long is a piece of string?