Why Start a Blog in 2020?

Good question! Why would you do that? You can publish things on LinkedIn, Medium, InfoQ, or any other platform for that matter, or do what most people do: write something short on Twitter or Instagram. 

Still, I decided to reboot my blogging and go back this old-fashioned format. The primary reason is that I miss casual writing. My book and its companion site contain well-researched and proofread texts, but they take a long time to write and I want to make them as good as I possibly can.

I’ve been missing this type of writing:

  1. Jot down a few paragraphs about something that has caught my interest
  2. Accept the fact that the text is far from insightful or novel
  3. Press “publish” anyway
  4. Chuckle at my old writings a few years later

Also, sometimes you get something wrong, and if you have 100% control of your content, like in a personal blog, you can always make corrections, amendments or, delete the offending text.

To conclude: I’m rebooting my blog. The level of ambition is super low, but I want a working platform for writing.

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